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Greg Medford, Medford Knife and Tool, Factory Tour

Knife Shop Tour: Medford Knife & Tool

Have you ever been on a knife factory tour?  Have you ever taken your kids on one?  We I have and I did. During some time off of school I took my kids to Medford Knife and Tool.  Best family field trip we've had in a very long time.  

Housewife Guide to Pocket Knives on

A Housewife's Guide to Choosing and Carrying Pocket Knives

Do you ever struggle with what knife to buy and then how to carry it?  Have you ever thought a pocket knife would be a great gift for someone but have now idea how to pick one out?  Should you even buy a pocket knife as a gift?? See if my buying guide can shed some light on these questions and your future purchases.  Click on the picture to read my article that is posted on 

Spyderco "S" review on

Spyderdo "S" pocket knife

Spyderco "S" - Discontinued But not Forgotten

I absolutely love this knife.  My brother was a huge inspiration to me growing up and the only reason I have this knife in my collection.  Click on the picture to read how the events that unfolded years ago that lead me to the purchase of this Spyderco "S".

Spyderdo Civilian review on Knife Depot's Blog

Spyderco Civilian

The Baddest Knife of them All

All knives have a certain character to them.  Some are cute, some are elegant, and some are just down right mean.  This is one that you definitely don't want to be on the wrong end of the blade. Click on the picture to read my review of the meanest knife on the market - The Spyderco Civilian.  

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